First Week Home Stretch

I lost another quarter of a pound yesterday morning. I don't remember what I ate Thursday, but I know I paid attention. Yesterday, I finished off my leftovers from earlier in the week. The leftover kielbasa scramble was my breakfast. Then last night, after avoiding any big meals all day, I killed off that delicious meat sauce I made on Tuesday (no brown rice this time). As a result, this morning I weighed the same as the day before.

So with attendance at a party planned for tomorrow, today is the day I cram in as much weight loss as possible for the week. If I hit one pound of loss today (i.e. tomorrow morning's weigh-in), then even if I gain a little of the weight back on Monday morning, I will consider the week's goal achieved.

Again, the key is to eat less. And today, I'm just going to watch what I eat and eat as little as possible.

This is almost like doing reps while working out. When I get a little hungry, I will test myself to see how long I can hold out. If I find I can't stand it, I'll just eat a little whole grain bread and then some water to keep me full.

“Sleep is the poor man's dinner.”Alexandre Dumas

Going to bed a little hungry does wonders.

Current Weight: -0.6 pounds