Success! It's just the first week, but I'm glad to get off to a good start. Net loss so far is about one and a half pounds for the week. I'm ahead of schedule, but I don't expect to maintain this pace at all.

I had to get around a little roadblock last night in order to make weight this week. I have family in town for the party later today. So after picking them up, we got together for dinner at the house. We brought home some delicious Korean tofu combos from a local place. There was a lot of tasty, uber weight gaining stuff in that meal. However, I managed to stay on target. I sat with the group, but just ate a few pieces of meat to kill my hunger. Because of this, I managed to drop an additional 3/4 of a pound for the week.

Now today is the big party day, so I'm going to slack off a little bit (not too much). I'm also planning to take care of some of those leftovers from last night today. The good thing is, I have a bit of leeway (that extra 0.4 pounds). Also, since I'm at the beginning of the week, I have enough time to get back on track and lose pound number two by next Monday.

Anyway, now I've proven out my technique (or strategy?). Just rinse and repeat about a dozen more times, right? Not really. Keeping on track is the hard part, as most probably know. Again: this is simple, but not easy.


Current Weight  : -1.4 lbs
Rate            : -1.4 lbs / week