Vegas Baby

By Friday of last week, I was ahead of pace at three and a quarter pounds down. I needed that legroom because the weekend would not be kind to my goal.

Some last minute finagling and schedule adjustments allowed me to take a quick, overnight trip to Las Vegas to help celebrate a friend’s pending marriage. Needless to say, I left my self control at home. By the time I got back on Sunday morning, I was back over my starting weight — four pounds heavier then my Friday weigh-in.

This kind of thing is expected, really. And planning for them is necessary for success. As I mentioned in last week’s recap, I was front-loading my weight loss in order to make room for the weekend.

Now, the weekend has come and gone. I’ve been taking the past couple of days easy to recover from the trip. But now, I’m ready to push through for another pound this week. I’ve got five days left, I should be able to make it unless something unexpected comes up.