Week One Recap

The first week was pretty typical, as far as my weight loss weeks go. Any time I need to drop a few pounds, I use this strategy.

The goal is simply to lose weight at the end of each week. Since an accepted, healthy rate of weight loss is approximately one pound per week, that's what I shoot for.

In this instance, I took it easy the first few days of the week and basically ate whatever I wanted. I was careful not to gorge, but I didn't try too hard either. Near the end of the week, with the deadline in sight, I buckled down, ate a lot less, and dropped the weight.

Other weeks may unfurl differently, but hopefully with similar results. This week, my weight bounced back up hard after a couple of unanticipated social dinners Monday and Wednesday. At least I got to eat some insanely delicious Napolitano pizza and a couple of amazingly tasty deli sandwiches, not to mention some flan that magically appeared in my fridge the other day. Oh, and let's not forget the ice cream either.

I'm paying back all that good eating today and tomorrow, working to get back on track for Monday morning's weigh-in. In the morning, we'll see how I did today and how much work I'll have to put in tomorrow. But for now, my week two score is over a pound in the wrong direction.


Targeting a fifteen pound loss at one pound per week:

Week 1
Current Weight  : -0.2 lbs
Since Last      : +1.2 lbs
Weekly Rate     : -1.4 lbs / week