Tactic: Maintain Accountability

This one is a little meta...

A great tactic I use to keep myself on track is to make myself accountable to someone. Last year, I wanted to drop ten pounds (pretty much the same ten pounds I dropped earlier this year). I started texting my weight to a group of friends every weekend. I didn't ask them nor did they offer to take part. I just started doing it. And being my friends, they were very supportive. I managed to drop around six pounds before my daughter was born. At that point, I had to do a life reset and my weight loss plan had to be postponed.

This time around, I decided not to bother my friends again. Instead, I started this blog. So here I am writing about why I am writing. It's worked so far. This blog has been especially helpful during this sprint week. Just thinking of what to write each night helps me to avoid eating too much during the day.

So there's the tip: promise yourself and make it public to one or more people. It's just a little psychological trick, but it works very well.