Week Six Recap

Well, I lost a quarter of a pound! (That's about a hundred grams, to those of you on the metric system.) That doesn't sound too impressive, until you consider that I was on vacation out of town for the second half of the week. I'll book this one as a success too.

We were on what was, essentially, a type of packaged vacation. (It was actually on a college campus.) Although everything else was great, the food was its big weakness. The food was dorm food from the college cafeteria. So we ended up going out to eat a couple of times (see chart below). But because the cafeteria was much more easily accessible, I ended up eating very little for several meals. Not great for a vacation, but awesome when you're trying to lose weight.

Now, even though I consider the past week a success, I still have work to do. This week, I need to shoot for a couple of pounds in order to make up for lost progress the last two weeks. I think the calendar is clear. And if we get any surprise dinners, then I'm going to have to bite the bullet and either skip it or eat a very small salad.


Targeting a fifteen pound loss at one pound per week:

Week 6
Current     : -4.6 lbs
Weekly Rate : -0.77 lbs / wk
Projected   : 11-Nov
Original    : 21-Oct