Looking Ahead

So far, so good this week. It's Friday, and I've already booked my one-pound drop from last week. With two days to go, the only question is how much more I can drop before Sunday's weigh-in. I didn't even do anything special this week. Last week's sprint made this week easy.

We have a birthday dinner planned for Monday, so I have at least one meal for which I need to prep. I originally had something planned for Wednesday too, but that got re-scheduled.

I think I will take it easy today, then do another mini-sprint tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get within a two-pound drop or so range for the period. That will leave me with ample room for Monday night, as well as getting me get completely back on pace.

At two more pounds, I'll be at eleven pounds dropped after eleven weeks. If I get there this week, I might even finish the fifteen early! We'll see about that.