The Fifteen in Fourteen Sprint

In fourteen days, it will be the end of week fifteen. The plan is to lose my fifteenth pound by then, hence the title of this post.

I'm going to stay on target for the next fourteen days, starting today. I have a little over four pounds to drop between now and then. That's an average of about two pounds per week. It's doable, but not easy.

I dropped about a quarter of a pound from yesterday, by the way.

I think I will try to stick to eating the same thing every day for the next couple of weeks. It won't be a strict mono-diet. I'll throw in some variety for different times of day.

Also, I am experimenting with a couple of food-logging apps on my phone. There have been a couple of times in the past where I logged my food while trying to drop weight. I just wrote down everything I ate in a notepad app. However, these apps, recommended by a friend, are much more detailed. Entering a food item calculates the calories for you automatically.

I don't know. I think it's too much fitness geekery for me. I don't need to know exactly how many calories I burn every day as long as I'm at the right weight. I'll keep trying it for a few more days though, just to see if it's any help.