Week Eleven Recap

I dropped a little over a pound this week. If I do the same thing the next four weeks, that means that I will be a half-pound tardy at the end of the fifteenth week. This was a decent week, especially since I wasn't trying very hard. But it's still a little disappointing because I had a chance the last two days to gain more ground, but it just didn't happen.

If I don't move safely ahead of pace by the end of this week, then I'll schedule a sprint for next week or the week after, depending on scheduled events. This week, it looks like I have a big dinner planned for Monday night, then nothing major after that.

Maybe if I don't do too much damage by Tuesday morning, I'll just push ahead hard this week as well.


Targeting a fifteen pound loss at one pound per week:

Week 11
Current     : -9.6 lbs
Weekly Rate : -0.87 lbs / wk
Projected   : 04-Nov
Original    : 21-Oct