Week Ten - Sprint Two, Day Five

Another pound and a half for the week. Let me tell you, toast works. Just get the good stuff. Anyway, two more days to go in the sprint. I'm on track.

As I wrote yesterday, getting back to pre-Vegas weight would be considered a wash. That's where I am right now. So now what remains is to see how much actual progress I can make.

If I drop one more pound, then I'm in the area I consider a success for the week. I would be one pound behind schedule for the overall program. In that case, I would schedule another sprint week sometime in the next month, and then I should hit fifteen pounds in the fifteenth week.

If I drop more than just the one pound by Sunday, then I'll actually be completely on schedule(!). If that happens, I should be able to hit the deadline without having to do any more sprints (assuming no more Vegas trips).

This week is going as well as can be expected, with the chance of getting even better. Feeling pretty good right now!