Week Thirteen Recap

Well, there's no way to spin this one. After twelve straight weeks of successes, I finally hit a failure point. Week thirteen was the first week in which I did not make the progress I needed. I basically stayed even from last week.

I can't attribute this to any kind of social obligations (like the vacation week or the two trips to Vegas). I just couldn't get myself to buckle down as I needed.

All-in-all, breaking even isn't bad. That will be the plan every week once I hit my goal weight. But for now, I have some catching up to do. If I want to hit my fifteen-in-fifteen goal, then I have to basically sprint the rest of the way. I have to lose four pounds in the next two weeks. It's definitely doable. It's definitely difficult.

I'm going to take it day by day. It won't be the end of the world if it takes an extra week for pound number fifteen, but it won't make as good a headline.


Targeting a fifteen pound loss at one pound per week:

Week 13
Current     : -10.2 lbs
Weekly Rate : -0.78 lbs / wk
Projected   : 18-Nov
Original    : 21-Oct