Fifteen in Fourteen — Day Fourteen

Sun 21 October 2018

Meh, utter failure. Trying for four pounds in two weeks, and I barely managed one. Maybe I can blame that spaghetti last week, but I think I just got tired of going hungry.

It's been fifteen weeks total, and I've lost about twelve pounds. Over all, not that bad, but I'm still disappointed I didn't get those extra three pounds.

I'm still going to go for a total of fifteen. However, I may just do it every other week for the next six weeks — or something.

Fifteen in Fourteen — Day Thirteen

Sat 20 October 2018

Broke through the twelve-pound barrier again today, barely. Then this afternoon, we had another get-together at a local Italian place. I had a lot of bread and a couple of slices of pizza. That's all I had to eat today so far. I don't plan on eating anymore.

Hopefully, that's enough to get me down another pound or so.

Fifteen in Fourteen — Day Twelve

Fri 19 October 2018

Three more pounds, three more pounds, Bueller, Bueller...

That twelve-pound line is a heck of a barrier. I need to break through it today, or I'm never going to do it. Good thing some family are here to visit so I can watch them eat delicious food while I try to stay hungry.

Fifteen in Fourteen — Day Eleven

Thu 18 October 2018

Flat! Flat like my belly will be after I lose pound number fifteen.

Fifteen in Fourteen — Day Ten

Wed 17 October 2018

Flat for the week...

Fifteen in Fourteen — Day Nine

Tue 16 October 2018

Net loss from Sunday. Snacking on Kind granola instead of eating lunch helped curb my appetite. But maybe I was just still full from all that spaghetti the previous night.

Anyway, will try it again today. Basically, three pounds to go...

Fifteen in Fourteen — Day Eight

Mon 15 October 2018

Went to a get-together last night, had some spaghetti. Things are not looking good for the elusive fifteenth pound.

Week Fourteen Recap (Sprint Day 7)

Sun 14 October 2018

Well, that was a rough couple of days, what with all that pizza and ice cream sitting in our fridge and freezer. After a big drop the first few days of the week, I plateaued and even rebounded a little bit.

I'm down one-and-a-half pounds for the week, but that still puts me behind pace for pound number fifteen. I now have seven days to drop three and a half pounds. That's tough. In all likelihood, I'm going to extend my program out about another week. I still plan to hit fifteen pounds.

For this week, I'll see how I do the next few days. I'm pretty hungry right now, but maybe I'll power through on an all toast diet for a few days. If I do well to start off, then I may have enough motivation to finish the fifteenth week strong.

Fifteen in Fourteen: Day Six

Sat 13 October 2018

A slight bounce back yesterday. Must have been those two slices of pizza left in the fridge. Still at about the same weight. I guess yesterday (and likely today) will have to be a breather.

I'll let loose a little bit, then get back on it hard tomorrow.

What I ate yesterday:

  • cereal + granola + almond milk
  • bacon brown rice with eggs
  • two slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza leftovers
  • a banana
  • Japanese koroke
  • and, of course, lots of coffee

Fifteen in Fourteen: Day Five

Fri 12 October 2018

Well, the weight-drop train stopped today. After four straight days of my weight dropping, it finally leveled off. I weighed in at the exact same measure as yesterday.

Fifteen pounds is still 2.5 pounds away and I have nine days left. What I ate:

  • cereal + granola + almond milk
  • a few mini banana pancakes
  • bacon brown rice with eggs
  • a banana
  • pizza topping off one slice of pizza
  • a few slices of seedsational butter toast
  • and, of course, lots of coffee

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