Some Progress

Thu 12 July 2018

As of yesterday morning, I was losing ground. The previous day, I cooked up a tomato meat sauce from some ground beef I had in the fridge. It was a simple enough recipe, but it was really tasty. So tasty that I ended up having two servings of the delicious sauce over brown rice for lunch. It was really good. I went pretty easy the rest of the day, but the damage was done — I woke up the next morning (yesterday) even heavier than the day before. At that point, I was a half pound over my starting weight and not really living up to this blog's name.

This was obviously a problem.

So yesterday, I kept better watch of my food intake. I still started out with a delicious kielbasa scramble (no potatoes, extra veggies) from a nearby diner for breakfast. The gravy they place on this dish is really something else. Although I didn't finish the whole plate, I followed it up with a really good blueberry pancake.

The rest of the day, I didn't really eat any big meals, just a couple of bananas, one or two servings (I can't remember) of some greek yogurt, and a piece of bread.

This application of the one rule worked really well. I woke up this morning almost a full pound lighter than yesterday. It's halfway through the week, and I'm on pace for my average weekly weight loss target.

Current Weight: -0.4 pounds

The Rule Itself

Tue 10 July 2018

Whoops, here's the rule: eat less.

Really simple, but not necessarily easy. I've got a few systems in place that help me eat less. The first one is this blog itelf. It's keeping me accountable. If I don't commit publicly, then it's too easy to let it slip (...and not eat less).

Second, I weigh myself every day in the morning. Mornings because this meaures my weight at a baseline level everyday. Every day so I can monitor my progress and know where I stand.

The cool thing is, because I only have one rule, and that rule is to eat less, I don't necessarily need to be picky about what I actually do eat. For instance, on my first day (two days ago), I ate ice cream. I ate a lot of ice cream. But because I made up for that by skipping dinner, I woke up the next morning a quarter of a pound lighter than when I began.

The pitfall is that I can still eat anything I want. So for example, yesterday, I ate cheesecake. Someone brought over a delicious cheesecake a few days ago. Yesterday, I decided to just get rid of it — into my belly. That incident brought me back up to being a quarter of a pound heavier than when I began. (That's a half pound of weight gain yesterday.)

Of course all these fluctuations will eventually be smoothed away once I check my weekly weight, next Sunday morning. But at least today, I know where I stand and whether or not I need to watch what I eat super stringently or just casually over the next few days.

Hint: I need to buckle down starting today.

Current Weight: +0.2 pounds

My One Simple Rule

Sat 07 July 2018

I'm going to lose fifteen pounds using my one simple rule. My target date for hitting this goal is 21-October; that's one pound per week between now and then. I'm using this blog to track my progress and hold myself accountable.


Current Weight: +/- zero pounds

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