Planning Week Seven: Tactics

Although I consider the last couple of weeks as successes, my pace has slowed down. It's simply hard to keep the momentum. But today, I've decided that this will be catch-up week. I'll call it a weight-loss sprint.

To help motivate me, I'll just list all the tasty food I've eaten over the past month and half. I ate all this, spent a weekend in Vegas, and still managed to lose five pounds:

As for this week itself, I'm shooting to lose two pounds so I can get back on pace. I think it's doable, but I'll need to stay on target the entire week.

To help keep me on target, I'm going to write one post each day that describes a tactic that helps someone eat less. (However, I'm not guaranteeing a posting schedule — there's a baby in the house. Things happen.)

Expect the first tactics post to be up tonight!