Week Five Recap

It looks like I hit that plateau I mentioned back in week three, sort of. This week, I “only” lost half a pound. Despite not technically being on pace, I still consider the week a success because I dropped any weight at all.


First of all, the problem was not the Wagyu. The problem, from a weight-loss perspective, was that we had multiple unplanned social gatherings take place this week.

Because I had front-loaded my eating and planned to do the weight-dropping in the latter part of the week, the surprises made it a little hard to execute. If I had done as I did during the Vegas week and dropped the weight early, then I probably would have been able to get the full pound in as planned. Okay, so maybe it was the Wagyu.

Regardless, balance is important. And I choose to balance my physical health with my social health. So every once in a while, I'll sacrifice my weight loss goals in order to spend some quality time with friends or family. Even so, I still managed to book a loss for the week.

Although my projected end date is now two weeks out, I still expect to hit my original target date. I expect the pace to vary as the months go by. Sometimes, I'll come out ahead as I did in week one. Other times, I'll be a little behind like today. In the long run (ten more weeks), it will even out.


Targeting a fifteen pound loss at one pound per week:

Week 5
Current     : -4.4 lbs
Weekly Rate : -0.88 lbs / wk
Projected   : 04-Nov
Original    : 21-Oct