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Week Ten - Sprint Two, Day One

Mon 10 September 2018

I don't know if I'm necessarily off to a good start, but at least I'm not off to a bad start.

Good intentions at the beginning of the day yesterday succumbed to bad habits acquired over the past week. By evening time, I was doing okay, but I gave in and ate a couple of leftover tacos in the fridge. The tacos weren't even that good — a waste of calories. Despite that failure, I still managed to drop about a quarter of a pound from the previous day.

Today, I'm in a better mindset. I'm on the toast mono-diet (aside from some granola cereal and maybe some fruits).

I think I will manage okay over the next day or two, then wherever I am Thursday morning will be the starting point for some hard work going into the weekend. A pound a day for five days doesn't seem sustainable, but I should drop at least two to three before the weekend. That will bring me back to the seven-day average. (More on that seven-day average in a future post.)

I don't intend to do a daily tactics post, as I did during the first sprint. I may do one or two before the week is over.

Something else I may throw in this week: exercise. Oooh, I know. I said it's not necessary and it can even hurt the cause. Those facts still remain true. However, I may need a slight boost in calorie expenditure to help push me over the top for this sprint. If I do exercise this week, I will be extra careful to not let myself give in to the hunger afterwards. In addition, I still need to eat as little as possible, regardless of the exercise I do.

Anyway, that's a decision for another day. For now, I'm just going to try and embrace the hunger for the rest of the day.

Sprint Update: Day Six

Sat 25 August 2018

Well, I almost made a whole week on the regimen. But I forgot that I had a get-together with a bunch of old friends last night. I didn't go overboard, but I did end up eating more than I planned. Hence I gained almost a pound from yesterday.

I also missed a tactics post because I got home so late last night. I will work on making up for everything today.

Sprint Update: Day Five

Fri 24 August 2018

Looking good so far. I'm down one pound for the week, with two days to go. If I drop another half pound between now and Sunday, I'll be pretty happy. If I get that full second pound in, even better.

Planning to eat some homemade chile rellenos on Sunday and some of that good pizza on Monday.

Sprint Update: Day Four

Thu 23 August 2018

I lost about another half a pound yesterday, which puts me about half a pound ahead for the week. The mono-diet worked until around five in the evening. I had some chicken breasts and roasted poblanos in the fridge that needed attention, so I cooked up the chicken and prepped it with the peppers.

It's a sprint, so I'm going to keep pushing myself for a few more days. I'm currently at a 5-plus pound net weight loss from the start of the program. I want to get to a 6-plus before Sunday. That will put me within range of the 1-pound per week pace.

Oh, and here's the chicken...

Sprint Update: Day Three

Wed 22 August 2018

I'm back at zero pounds +/- for the week. The bread mono-diet from yesterday worked. One more day of that, and I'll see where I stand tomorrow morning. This day is clear. No dinners or lunches out planned.

Sprint Update: Day Two

Tue 21 August 2018

Right now, I'm a full pound over my low water mark from this past Sunday. Yes, I ate that last remaining Wagyu ribeye that was in our freezer. Then I had a Haagen-Dazs bar for dessert. That should be it for the week.

I'll log my progress daily this week so that I stay on target.

Planning Week Seven: Tactics

Mon 20 August 2018

Although I consider the last couple of weeks as successes, my pace has slowed down. It's simply hard to keep the momentum. But today, I've decided that this will be catch-up week. I'll call it a weight-loss sprint.

To help motivate me, I'll just list all the tasty food I've eaten over the past month and half. I ate all this, spent a weekend in Vegas, and still managed to lose five pounds:

As for this week itself, I'm shooting to lose two pounds so I can get back on pace. I think it's doable, but I'll need to stay on target the entire week.

To help keep me on target, I'm going to write one post each day that describes a tactic that helps someone eat less. (However, I'm not guaranteeing a posting schedule — there's a baby in the house. Things happen.)

Expect the first tactics post to be up tonight!

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