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Week Ten - Sprint Two, Day Five

Fri 14 September 2018

Another pound and a half for the week. Let me tell you, toast works. Just get the good stuff. Anyway, two more days to go in the sprint. I'm on track.

As I wrote yesterday, getting back to pre-Vegas weight would be considered a wash. That's where I am right now. So now what remains is to see how much actual progress I can make.

If I drop one more pound, then I'm in the area I consider a success for the week. I would be one pound behind schedule for the overall program. In that case, I would schedule another sprint week sometime in the next month, and then I should hit fifteen pounds in the fifteenth week.

If I drop more than just the one pound by Sunday, then I'll actually be completely on schedule(!). If that happens, I should be able to hit the deadline without having to do any more sprints (assuming no more Vegas trips).

This week is going as well as can be expected, with the chance of getting even better. Feeling pretty good right now!

Week Ten - Sprint Two, Day Four

Thu 13 September 2018

I dropped about three-quarters of a pound yesterday, not quite the full pound I thought I could do. Now, I'm considering my options for what would constitute a successful week or not.

If I get back to my pre-Vegas weight, another pound and a half drop from here, I think I will consider that a wash. That would put me two weeks and two pounds behind schedule. In that event, I think I would have to push my target date back a week.

If I get below my pre-Vegas weight (by another pound or so), then I will consider that progress made (though not the full success). In this case, I would need to do another sprint before week fifteen to get myself completely back on track. I think it would be doable.

So there's my goal: drop at least another two pounds before Sunday. This will allow me to still hit my original target date by executing another sprint sometime in the next month. I still haven't done any major exercise this whole time. I may put in a rowing session or even a full surf sometime in the next day or two. If I do that, I'll have to be careful not to overeat in the hunger aftermath.

Week Ten - Sprint Two, Day Three

Wed 12 September 2018

Half a pound from yesterday, not bad. About halfway through the day, I started getting that low blood-sugar feeling. I ended up giving in and ate a cup of yogurt, some chicken and rice, and an ice cream bar around lunch time. That was it for the day, and I was able to refrain from eating after that. So half a pound of weight loss is pretty good. I'll rebound from yesterday and try to stay on the toast mono-diet all day today and see where that takes me.

Once I see where I stand tomorrow morning, I'll figure out what an achievable goal is for the week. Five pounds total is still within sight, although looking less likely now. About three more pounds to go from here. I think I ought to be able to drop one pound today.

Week Ten - Sprint Two, Day Two

Tue 11 September 2018

I ate about eight slices of toast plus a bowl of granola all day yesterday. Decent progress made, dropping one and a half pounds in the process. I still have over four pounds to go to get back in pace. I'll give it another couple of days before I make any judgements for the week.

Week Ten - Sprint Two, Day One

Mon 10 September 2018

I don't know if I'm necessarily off to a good start, but at least I'm not off to a bad start.

Good intentions at the beginning of the day yesterday succumbed to bad habits acquired over the past week. By evening time, I was doing okay, but I gave in and ate a couple of leftover tacos in the fridge. The tacos weren't even that good — a waste of calories. Despite that failure, I still managed to drop about a quarter of a pound from the previous day.

Today, I'm in a better mindset. I'm on the toast mono-diet (aside from some granola cereal and maybe some fruits).

I think I will manage okay over the next day or two, then wherever I am Thursday morning will be the starting point for some hard work going into the weekend. A pound a day for five days doesn't seem sustainable, but I should drop at least two to three before the weekend. That will bring me back to the seven-day average. (More on that seven-day average in a future post.)

I don't intend to do a daily tactics post, as I did during the first sprint. I may do one or two before the week is over.

Something else I may throw in this week: exercise. Oooh, I know. I said it's not necessary and it can even hurt the cause. Those facts still remain true. However, I may need a slight boost in calorie expenditure to help push me over the top for this sprint. If I do exercise this week, I will be extra careful to not let myself give in to the hunger afterwards. In addition, I still need to eat as little as possible, regardless of the exercise I do.

Anyway, that's a decision for another day. For now, I'm just going to try and embrace the hunger for the rest of the day.

Sprint Update: Day Six

Sat 25 August 2018

Well, I almost made a whole week on the regimen. But I forgot that I had a get-together with a bunch of old friends last night. I didn't go overboard, but I did end up eating more than I planned. Hence I gained almost a pound from yesterday.

I also missed a tactics post because I got home so late last night. I will work on making up for everything today.

Sprint Update: Day Five

Fri 24 August 2018

Looking good so far. I'm down one pound for the week, with two days to go. If I drop another half pound between now and Sunday, I'll be pretty happy. If I get that full second pound in, even better.

Planning to eat some homemade chile rellenos on Sunday and some of that good pizza on Monday.

Sprint Update: Day Four

Thu 23 August 2018

I lost about another half a pound yesterday, which puts me about half a pound ahead for the week. The mono-diet worked until around five in the evening. I had some chicken breasts and roasted poblanos in the fridge that needed attention, so I cooked up the chicken and prepped it with the peppers.

It's a sprint, so I'm going to keep pushing myself for a few more days. I'm currently at a 5-plus pound net weight loss from the start of the program. I want to get to a 6-plus before Sunday. That will put me within range of the 1-pound per week pace.

Oh, and here's the chicken...

Sprint Update: Day Three

Wed 22 August 2018

I'm back at zero pounds +/- for the week. The bread mono-diet from yesterday worked. One more day of that, and I'll see where I stand tomorrow morning. This day is clear. No dinners or lunches out planned.

Sprint Update: Day Two

Tue 21 August 2018

Right now, I'm a full pound over my low water mark from this past Sunday. Yes, I ate that last remaining Wagyu ribeye that was in our freezer. Then I had a Haagen-Dazs bar for dessert. That should be it for the week.

I'll log my progress daily this week so that I stay on target.

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